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spring lookbook video now up!

Ohhhkay. So I have a new lookbook on my Youtube channel here
It's a lookbook on one of Spring's trends- black & white. These are just some ways I would wear black and white! Check out the video and make sure to share, like & subscribeee! (: Let me know what your favorite trend for spring is! I would love to know!


xo, Michelle

Blogger Bazaar

Hellooo loves. 
So this past weekend I got the chance to go to Blogger Bazaar, which is pretty much a charity event where bloggers sell the clothing and accessories they don't wear anymore and offer it to the charity of their choice. It was an amazing event. The food was great, the drinks were great and I met amazing bloggers and Youtubers. It was a darn good experience. There were an enormous amount of people, and we had to wait in line to get in but it was so worth it! Entrance fee was $1, which went to proceeds for a charity of course, and overall was a good experience. 

I will post up pictures from the Blogger Bazaar on my next post, but for now, I will post my outfit of what I wore that day! Hope you guys enjoyyyy!

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spring lookbook 2013: black & white

Hi loves!
I just wanted to do a quick post on my latest video on my Youtube channel. I filmed a Spring lookbook featuring one of spring's biggest trends: the black & white trend. Just posting the pictures of the outfits so you can get a better look at the details. The black and white trend is one, if anything my favorite trend this spring. If you guys can't tell, I tend to wear dark, neutral colors and I normally stray away from bright colors. It's a bit ironic that black and white is a trend this spring because you just wouldn't imagine it to be. When I think of spring, I think of bright colorful colors.. and the fact that this spring's trends are black and white, it's just so contradicting and clashy and I absolutely loveeee it. 

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