Riri Hearts MAC Collection Review & Swatches

Hello loves!
As you guys probably know (or not), Rihanna collaborated with MAC this year to come out with a few products. Riri Woo, Rihanna's lipstick version of Ruby Woo was launched a couple of months ago, but I was unable to get a hold of them because that lipstick sold out in a matter of hours. So, when her new summer collection was released, I wanted to get my hands on Riri Woo, as well as the other lipsticks. There are a total of 3 lipsticks in this collection. The names are Riri Woo, Heaux, and Riri Boy. So here is my honest review.
So, all of the lipsticks come in the same original MAC packaging. Black bullet packaging, same vanilla scent, etc. The only difference in the lipsticks compared to all the permanent lipsticks is that it has Rihanna's signature engraved onto the lipsticks. They are the same size as any other lipstick, and the cost the same: $15 USD. 

Another thing to mention is that these lipsticks are only available on the MAC website. They do not sell it in MAC counters or a MAC store. That's the down part. You can't swatch it or try it out and whatnot. It took me hours the first day it released to checkout, coz there were so many people trying to buy them, but now checkout should be fine. The last time I checked, these were still available.

So this is just how the lipsticks look like. From left to right: Riri Woo, Heaux, Riri Boy. All 3 lipsticks are the Retro Matte finish. Like I said, I has Rihanna's signature engraved onto it.

For the most part, since these lipsticks are matte, they can come off as a bit dry. So always apply a lip balm or some sort of lip moisturizer if you want these babies to feel less dry.

Here is Riri Woo. This is Rihanna's version of Ruby Woo. Riri Woo is a bit darker and cooler in tone. Both are dry on the lips, but I do prefer Riri Woo better, since it's more cool tone, and I personally prefer darker lipstick colors. If you own Ruby Woo, I would pass on Riri Woo because you can barely tell the difference.

This is how it looks on my lips. You can see the swatch below to see the difference of Ruby Woo and Riri Woo. But overall, I love the classic red lip. Don't mind the messy lip application hahahha I was in a hurry to get this up.

Next, we have Heaux. Heaux is the creamiest lipstick out of the bunch, and it doesn't leave my lips feeling dry or tight. I've read reviews where Heaux is similar to MAC's Rebel. I don't own Rebel, but I've always wanted to, so I got my hands on Heaux instead. And let me tell you. I loveeee it. I love how it's still vibrant because it's a dark color, but it's a bit muted where it's not like BAM in your face. 

Like I said earlier, don't mind the nasty lip application. But nonetheless I love this lipstick, and I'm so glad that this one isn't the one that's the most drying. This lipstick was so worth it and I love the payoff.

Finally, here is Riri Boy. It's a purple-lavender color, and it's so unique. I don't own a lipstick color like this, so I was super excited to get my hands on it. The texture is still a bit dry, since it's matte, but it's not anything I can't manage. If I apply chapstick and then this over it, it works perfectly fine for me. The lasting power is great and the color is great as well.

The only downside to this lipstick is that because of its purple undertone, if you don't have extremely pearly whites, it can make your teeth look a bit yellow. Since yellow and purple are complimentary colors, it brings out both colors, hence making your teeth look more yellow than it actually is. So if your teeth aren't perfectly yellow, it might make you a bit hesitant (or you can go around all day without opening your mouth). I personally don't have PEARLY whites, so it does bug me a bit, but overall I love the color too much to avoid. 

Here are the swatches on my hand. From top to bottom: Ruby Woo, Riri Woo, Heaux, Riri Boy, and the one alone on the left is Berry Haute by Revlon. As you can see Ruby Woo and Riri Woo are pretty identical. Ruby Woo is more of a warmer finish with an orange undertone, and is a bit lighter in shade than Riri Woo. But when worn on the lips, they're pretty much the same. Berry Haute by Revlon is a similar dupe for Riri Boy, but is much more sheer and creamy. If you want more of an opaque finish, I would go for Riri Boy.

So that was my review. I hope you guys enjoyed it!
Let me know in the comments below what you guys thought if you own the collection! I would love to know (:

xo, Michelle