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spring lookbook video now up!

Ohhhkay. So I have a new lookbook on my Youtube channel here
It's a lookbook on one of Spring's trends- black & white. These are just some ways I would wear black and white! Check out the video and make sure to share, like & subscribeee! (: Let me know what your favorite trend for spring is! I would love to know!


xo, Michelle

Blogger Bazaar

Hellooo loves. 
So this past weekend I got the chance to go to Blogger Bazaar, which is pretty much a charity event where bloggers sell the clothing and accessories they don't wear anymore and offer it to the charity of their choice. It was an amazing event. The food was great, the drinks were great and I met amazing bloggers and Youtubers. It was a darn good experience. There were an enormous amount of people, and we had to wait in line to get in but it was so worth it! Entrance fee was $1, which went to proceeds for a charity of course, and overall was a good experience. 

I will post up pictures from the Blogger Bazaar on my next post, but for now, I will post my outfit of what I wore that day! Hope you guys enjoyyyy!

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spring lookbook 2013: black & white

Hi loves!
I just wanted to do a quick post on my latest video on my Youtube channel. I filmed a Spring lookbook featuring one of spring's biggest trends: the black & white trend. Just posting the pictures of the outfits so you can get a better look at the details. The black and white trend is one, if anything my favorite trend this spring. If you guys can't tell, I tend to wear dark, neutral colors and I normally stray away from bright colors. It's a bit ironic that black and white is a trend this spring because you just wouldn't imagine it to be. When I think of spring, I think of bright colorful colors.. and the fact that this spring's trends are black and white, it's just so contradicting and clashy and I absolutely loveeee it. 

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Fierce, fierce baby.

Happy Friday everyone! Yayyy! The weekend is here! & for me it is Spring Break this week (: finallyyyy. So that means more ootds and videos! But anywhos the weather is getting pretty nice these days! Sooo I pulled out my high waisted shorts out from the bottom of my closet to wear. Today's look was pretty casual so yesss enjoyy!

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All dolled up.

Hi lovesss!
So there's a new video up on my channel here.
I have finally reached 1000 subscribers last week, so as a celebratory landmark, my boyfriend Jay has agreed to get dolled up on my channel. 

Thank you to all of you guys for supporting me, and I feel so blessed to have people around the world watching the videos that I make.. and I hope that as the days go by, I can continue to help inspire you guys and to give you guys ideas. Thank you for all the wonderful comments and the love you guys have shown me! I am forever grateful and I wish that I can say thank you to each and every one of you personally. I'm so happy that I decided to start this Youtube channel.. at first I was really scared and nervous about showing myself and all that jazz, but I'm so glad I did, because if I didn't, I wouldn't have amazing, supportive subscribers like you guys always having my back and always supporting me 100 percent. Thank you again! I love you guys!

Also, I started an "official" Facebook page, so that you guys can come on there and give me suggestions on my videos, and to request any videos you would like to see so please go 'like' my Facebook page! I'd really appreciate it! You can go to my Facebook page here.

xo, Michelle

Feelin' Blue

Herrrroooo there. 
I love how it's finally starting to become Spring. I'm excited for the colorful colors (don't get me wrong; I still LOVE black), the sunglasses, and the perfect weather (: I decided to pull out some more colorful pieces in my wardrobe.

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how to style creepers.

Hellooooo (:*
Here are the outfit details for my newest video on how I style creepers! If you haven't seen the video yet, scroll allll the way down for the link (: yay

Look #1
Oversized Denim Jacket- Thrifted
'Pirates' Cap- Lids
Red Plaid Button Up- Forever 21
'The Ramones' Band Tee- Forever 21
Maroon Belt- H&M
High-waisted shorts- Thrifted
Garter Tights- Urban Outfitters

 Look #2
Boater Hat- Hat Shop in Costa Mesa
Embellished Collar Top- Lush
Knit Sweater- Urban Outfitters
Floral Skirt- Forever 21
Ruffle Socks- Target

 Look #3
Cat-ear Beanie- Ebay
Striped Top- Cotton On
Leather Vest- Bebe
Black Pencil Skirt- Topshop

 Look #4
'Dimepiece' Beanie- Dimepiece Designs
Camo Jacket- Thrifted
Obey Crop Top- Beachworks
Black Disco Pants- American Apparel

 Look #5
Chambray Top- Target
Spiked Headband- Forever 21
Galaxy Print Leggings- Ebay
Ruffle Socks- Target

Watch my newest video on how I style my creepers! If you enjoyed it, please give it a thumbs UP and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more fashion and beauty (:

xo, Michelle


Yayyyy! I've reached over 1000 subscribers on my Youtube channel! I'm so excited, and I'm so blessed to have each and every one of you guys support me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! & I love you guysss! I will work harder and make better videos for you guys (: 

If you haven't seen yet, I've posted a new video on my channel of how I personally style my creepers. Take a look if you haven't seen yet! Click here to see my 'How I Style My Creepers' video.

Also, I've made an official Facebook page, just so you guys can stay updated on my fashion posts and new videos and stuff on my Youtube channel. That way, you guys can know what I'm going to be posting, and you guys can give me feedback on any of my videos, and give me suggestions for what videos you guys want to see next! Click here to go to my Facebook page.

Again, thank you so much for the love. If you haven't seen my Youtube channel, go and subscribe! You can go to my channel here

xo, Michelle

fierce, fierce, baby.

Hiiii (:
So today's outfit.. I wanted to go more "hip-hop" I guess. It was really cold out today, so I layered my fur jacket on top of my denim jacket. I then wore black denim, and my Jeffrey Campbell Everylys, and topped it off with my Karl Alley 'Fierce' snapback. I really enjoyed today's outfit. It kept me warm and I felt super cool, especially with the metal-plated hat teehee!

Karl Alley 'Fierce' Snapback
UNIF 'Donna' Fur Coat
'Wild One' Denim Jacket from Nasty Gal
Minnie Mouse Tee from Forever 21
Black Snakeskin Belt from H&M
'Skinniest' Skinny Jeans from Pacsun
Everly Cut-out Boot by Jeffrey Campbell

xo, Michelle

gloomy days.

One of my favvvooorrite pictures from today's shoot.

I lovedddd today's weather. It was gloomy- perfect photoshoot day. I honestly think pictures come out the best in gloomy weather.. or that "magic" hour. Anywhoz.. here's today's OOTD. As you guys know, I've been OBSESSING over my new pair of booties. I've worn these shoes EVERY SINGLE DAY this week.. talk about obsession. Since it was a bit chillier than usual, I decided to layer up with my polka-dot chambray and my jean jacket. I'm starting to incorporate more "spring-ish" type of clothing into my wardrobe, since it is almost spring. 

'Dimepiece' Beanie- Dimepiece Designs
Gold Chain Necklace- Thrifted
Peace & Love Needed Tee- Metropark
Polka-Dot Chambray Button Up- Pacsun
'Wild One' Denim Jacket- Nasty Gal
Leopard Print Skinny Belt- H&M
'Skinniest' Skinny Jeans in Black- Pacsun
Tortoise/Gold Watch- Michael Kors
'Everly' Cutout Booties- Jeffrey Campbell

Stay warm! God bless.

xo, Michelle

Printed Trousers.

Hi everyone (: so here's yesterday's quick OOTD! It was pretty gloomy out here in SoCal, so I decided to layer up! You guys know I LOVE my chambray top, so obviously I reached for that in the morning. I wanted to keep it simple, with a hint of pop, so I kept everything neutral except for these awesome printed 'baroque' style trousers I got on sale at Zara. These pants are extremely warm and I love that they're highwaisted, so that I could tuck in my shirt in the front a little bit for an extra pick up. I guess the only thing I don't like about these pants is that they're kinda thick, so they tend to make my legs look hugeee! But nonetheless, I absolutely adore printed pants, especially ones with gold glitter seams (: hope you guys are having a blessed week! 

I noticed it's starting to get a bit warmer here now. I guess Spring is finally coming! I can't wait to start incorporating color into my wardrobe. I normally like to wear black, white, and anything neutral, but it's always fun to add a splash of color! I am thinking of doing a video on Spring trends, or a Spring lookbook, or maybe even a Winter to Spring transition video. 

Black Jacket from Naked Zebra (mom's brand)
Light Chambray Top from Target
Sheer Cream Blouse from Naked Zebra
Maroon/Gold Baroque Trousers from Zara
Everly Cutout Boots in Black by Jeffrey Campbell
Gold watch from Marc Jacobs
Skull Bracelets from Urban Outfitters
Lionette Leather Bangle from Jewelmint

xo, Michelle