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New Fashion Video: 6 Wardrobe Essentials!

Hiiii (: So, I have a new video up for you guys!
It's a video of 6 essential must-haves in your closet. These are my timeless staples that I will always reach for throughout the year, regardless of season. If you're just starting up your closet, it might be helpful to see what these essential items are, so you can invest in pieces you'll wear all year round! (: 

Please like the video if you thought it was helpful, and subscribe to my channel for more fashion & beauty! I appreciate all your support so far, and I couldn't have been here without you guys! I love youuuu!

xo, Michelle

neutral with a POP.

Hellooo lovelies (: I know I haven't posted as much as I would want to this week (I'm sorry).. But I had a little extra time for a mini photoshoot, so here it issss. Today's outfit is really neutral- mostly beiges, tans, and whites. I wanted to tone down my outfit today, because I wanted to wear this BRIGHT NEON lime green cat-ear beanie. I recently got this beanie (and many other colors) from Ebay, and I just wanted to wear them. I didn't want them to clash with anything I wore, so that's why I kept it pretty dull with the outfit colors.

Beanies are the IT thing right now. It was ALL over the runway, and it will be trending/is in trend. I just thought this "cat ear" effect would add so much fun and style to any outfit. You can find these anywhere if you do your research. I would suggest buying it on Ebay because other stores tend to overprice it like crazy. I think I saw a black one with the same style for like $16. On Ebay, I bought mine for $4.99 AND it came with free shipping. 

Hope you guys enjoyyyy!

Neon Cat-ear Beanie from Ebay
Tan Leather Jacket from Zara Trafaluc
White Leopard Print Blouse from Zara
White Denim with Gold Zipper Accents from Zara
Flower/Stud Necklace from Forever 21
Leopard Print Belt from H&M
Neutral Grey Desert Booties from Target

Have a great rest of the week! See you soonsies!

xo, Michelle

Kid At Heart.

Its finally the weekenddd! (:
Today's outfit is pretty casual.. I guess these days I've been preferring comfort over anything else. But the good thing is that you can be fashionable while being comfortable.

I just paired a Minnie Mouse tee with a polka dot chambray top, following with my favorite tiger denim jacket. I wore plan black jeans and topped it off with an olive beanie and simple red tennis shoes.

Today's look reminded me of my childhood, especially the Minnie Mouse top but also with the fun polka dot pattern and the bright red shoes..sometimes I miss my childhood and wish I could go back to the days where I was carefree.

Minnie Mouse Tee-Forever 21
Polkadot Chambray Button Up-Pacsun
'Wild One' Denim Jacket-Nasty Gal
Black Skinny Denim-Pacsun
Red Tennis Shoes-Target
Studded Belt-Metropark
Lion Chain Necklace-Ebay
Olive Green Beanie-Urban Outfitters

We'll hope you guys enjoyed today's outfit. Have a safe and fabulous weekend and I'll talk to you guys laterr! ♥♥

Xo, Michelle

Bart Simpson.

Bart, Bart, Bart, Bart, Bart!

This is how I pose..

Just a couple candid shots the boyfriend took (:

Who loves the Simpsons? I sure do! Haha today's outfit was pretty comical and fun. People at school would come up and ask me where I got my sweater from, and some people just stared. I guess that makes sense if you have Bart Simpsons face all over your sweater. This sweater was inspired by Jeremy Scotts collection.. he had a bunch of comic-like pieces and Bart Simpsons was one of them. Of course I didn't pay $500 for a sweater.. I got a knock-off on Ebay for less than a tenth of the price. Hahah got it for $30 on Ebay! (: yay for bargain finds. 

I was pretty nervous to wear this sweater out, but hey- if I like it.. nothing else matters. If people don't like it- whatever. Haters gon' hate. I think fashion is your personal statement.. for me, I like to dress depending on my mood, and just to express how I feel. Soooo if Bart Simpson's headshot is going to make me happy, then be it. Don't be afraid to wear whatever you want. People might judge, but don't change yourself just coz that "one person" is going to get out of their way to hate. Express yourselves freely.

Bart Simpson Sweater from Ebay
Maroon Hoodie from American Apparel 
Denim Jacket from Modtex (Thrift Store in Downtown Fullerton)
Camo Print Pants from Zara
Black Chucks by Converse
Gold Lion Chain Necklace from Ebay (Rihanna inspired)
Maroon Beanie from Urban Outfitters

Have a great rest of the week! Godbless! 

xo, Michelle

Floral on floral.

I want spring to hurry up and come already! I love the wintertime, but I'm getting so tired of the cold! Jay just recently got me sick, so I'm sniffling left and right. I wish the weather would start getting warmer. Sun, I miss youu!

Just to keep myself in a 'spring' mode, I decided to input some spring colors into my outfit today. Since it's still cold, I layered and layered to keep myself warm. 

So I pretty much layered floral on floral. I know for some of you, this may seem a bit weird, but whatevers! I think it goes together well because the shirt is so bold with the floral, and the pants are very subtle and the print is not too noticeable. I think when you layer patterns, it's important to balance it out- wearing one subtle print, and one loud print. Or wearing bold stripes with subtle tiny polka dot prints.

I really enjoy wearing the same color, but in different variations and hues. I feel it pulls the whole look together. Of course, you could pair this with any color you like- but I love how the two tops are both of the mint family and it kind of completes my look. 

I don't know if you guys know this, but I don't really like showing my bum when I wear pants or jeans or whatnot. That's why I have such a huge heart for anything hi-lo. The floral top is really, really long (especially for someone short like me), and the knit top is long as well (it's my sister's actually and she's alot taller than me). I just love the hi-lo concept, and I think it gives a fun look, or a peek-a-boo thing of the layers you're wearing underneath.

Since the outfit is pretty colorful, I decided to pair the entire outfit with a pair of neutral booties. I was going to wear black booties, but I thought that it might be too harsh of a contrast, especially with all the soft, pastel tones. It's good to pair a colorful look with something neutral because it's not too clashy, or it's not too BAM WAM colors. It completes the look, and keeps it from looking polished and soft.

Floral Print Hi-Lo Sleeveless Blouse from Nasty Gal
Mint Knit Hi Lo Sweater from Forever 21
Mint Moto Jacket from Zara
Floral Print Jeans from Zara
Neutral Grey Booties from Target


xo, Michelle

Layers are my BFF!

Sorry I only have one outfit picture today ): I totally forgot to remind my boyfriend to bring his camera.. so hopefully a cellphone pic will do! 

Layers are seriously my BFF. They save me from the cold weather, AND they're an awesome fashion statement. I love wearing layers because it gives me a chance to mix and match patterns, and just to explore new variations of knits, cardigans, or anything I have in my closet. It's kind of like mixing a new cocktail. You mix good stuff together, hoping that you come up with the yummiest drink. Same thing goes for layering. You can explore and experiment with different patterns and textures you like with other patterns and textures. As you guys know, Spring is justttt around the corner, and I guess today's outfit is kind of like a transition piece.. (or possibly I'm already prepping for the Spring) 

So go into your closet and explore all the amazing pieces you have! You don't know what amazing outfit you're gonna come up with just by exploring with different patterned pieces! Layering can help you amp up any outfit, and it can bring personality and style to your wardrobe! So maybe next time, instead of wearing a huge thick sweater (trust me- I have my days too), try mixing flannels or shirts, or even jackets together to make a great combination! Be creative & unique!

Polka-dot Chambray Top from Pacsun
Neon Cable Knit Sweater from Target
Wild Denim Jacket from Nasty Gal
Ankle-zip White Skinny Jeans from Zara
Leopard Print Loafers from Steve Madden
Lion Necklace from Ebay (Inspired by Rihanna)
Gold Watch by Marc Jacobs

Til next time, God bless & enjoyy! I love you guys<3 p="">

xo, Michelle

michellehkimm on Instagram!

Happy President's Day everyoneee! I hope most of you guys are enjoying your days off. Unfortunately for me, I had school today ): I know- it sucked. I don't know why we have to go to school on a national holiday, but whatevers. Thankfully my school day has ended. Just wanted to do a quick post of what I've been putting up on my Instagram. For those of you who don't follow me, my Instagram name is @michellehkimm, just in case you guys want to know what I do daily, or a more personal look into my life (: teehee.

My boyfriend got me these beautiful roses on Valentine's Day (: what a sweetiebear. I was so surprised!

A close up on these babies. They were beautiful, and the note was so sweet. I'm a lucky girl.

Soooo, I got to film as a featured extra on the NBC TV Show, Go On. I don't know if you guys know about the show, but Matthew Perry (Chandler from Friends) stars in it and it's basically about a therapy group and how they become a family (in a jist). For the part, I had to wear a crop top coz I had the chance to get a fake tramp stamp for the show. They served a bombdiggity buffet-style lunch, but I sacrificed that coz I didn't want no pudgy belly to show up on camera ): but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right?! 

For Valentine's Day, my boyfriend and I didn't want anything too crazy.. we weren't really craving anything so we just decided to save money and go to El Taurino. It's a taco place in Downtown LA/Koreatown and they have the most BOMBASS carne asada tacos. We dressed all fancy and ate cheap. It was honestly the best meal. Hahhaha good food for the buck.

Here's a quick pick of what I wore on the set on Friday. Our call time was 10AM, and we worked til almost 9PM. It was so worth it tho (even tho I didn't eat anything all day). We met awesome people, I got my hair and makeup done, I met with wardrobe to wear their clothes, and on top of that, I got a fake "inflamed" tramp stamp for the shoot. Make sure you watch Go On in April to see my tramp stamp featured on the show! :D hahaha 

My boyfriend and I take annual Valentine's Day pictures just because..and to make it a kind of tradition I guess? This was just my hair and make up of the day. I'm surprised my curls lasted so long! Probably because I finally used hairspray -__- 

Jay and I had a break at school today from 2 til 5, so we went to our school's computer lab, and we watched a couple episodes of Suits! We JUST started watching it, and omg it's so much fun! 

Today's outfit of the day. I will do a blogpost of it soon, but sadly I don't have many pictures coz I forgot to ask my boyfriend to bring his camera ): 

So that's a wrap errbody! Hope you guys enjoyed it. Anywho's hope you guys have an awesome and safe rest of the night, and week, and I'll see you guys again soon (:

Enjoy & God bless.

xo, Michelle

Metallic Madness

Its humpdayyyy Wednesday!
Hope you guys are having an amazing week! I've really been loving mixing prints and textures together. I paired my metallic bomber jacket with a jaguar face print blouse, wearing a black cable knit sweater on top. For pants I'm wearing my leatherette biker pants, which have an awesome zipper in the back and some quilted textures on the sides. Then topped it off with my gold glitter oxfords, to tie with the metallic jacket just to have some flow and consistency in my outfit.

Metallic Bomber Jacket from Zara
Assymetrical Cable Knit from Zara
Jaquar Print Blouse from Zara
Leatherette Biker Pants from Zara
Lioness Necklace from Ebay (Rihanna inspired)
Gold Glitter Oxfords from Steve Madden
Cat Eye Sunglasses in Tortoise by Prada