michellehkimm x chasing chantha @ VIBE!

Hello friends!
So as you guys may already know, I went to Vibe this past weekend. While I was waiting in line to get in, I did a quick OOTD of what I was wearing to the show. Also featured is a good friend of mine, Chantha (ChasingChantha on Youtube). We did our OOTDs together, and I just wanted to share the video with you guys if you haven't already seen it yet!

Chantha's blog: http://www.chasingchantha.com
Chantha's Youtube username is ChasingChantha! Make sure you follow & subscribe to her! 

All my outfit details are on the blogpost before this- just in case you guys wanted to know (:

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Enjoy & have a great rest of the week. God bless<3 p="">

xo, Michelle