Valentine's Day Lookbook!

Happy Sunday! Now, I know Valentine's Day is coming up soon, so I decided to put together a lookbook to give you guys some options or ideas on what you could wear to your Valentine's Day date! 

Outfit #1: Sweet & Flirty
This outfit is perfect for a casual lunch date, or even a dinner date. It's a very girly outfit, and the coral tones in this outfit make it look very sweet and romantic. The movement and flow of the dress also makes it super flirty! I forgot to take a full-body picture for this outfit ): But you can see my video and find out!

 Outfit #2: Picnic/Lunch Date
This outfit is perfect for a casual lunch date, or if you and your date are going to go somewhere fun and adventurous, like a park, a zoo, a carnival, the beach- this look is for wherever you wanna go and if you wanna be casual, but cute at the same time! It's a pretty playful look, especially with the different shades of pink, and the different prints in this outfit!

Outfit #3: Semi-formal/Romantic
This look is perfect for a dinner date. It's the perfect amount of girlyness, without being toooo dressed up and fancy. It's a semi-formal outfit!

Outfit #4: Classy & Sophisticated
This outfit is perfect for the girls who are going on a Valentine's Day date, but do not want to dress up in pink. This outfit is very simple, clean, with a pop of red (since red is still a Valentine's Day color). This look is classy, and spiffy, and perfect for any dinner date.

Outfit #5: Fancy Dinner Date/ Girls Night Out
This outfit is perfect for a fancy dinner date. If you're like me, you love wearing black from head to toe. This outfit may be all black, however, I mixed up different textures and fabric, so that the look isn't too dark. This outfit is also good for you girls who are spending VDay with your girlfriends! Perfect for a bar/lounge kinda night!

Outfit #6: Girls Night Out!
Allllright. So this outfit is PERFECT for a night out with your girlfriends. Whether you're going to a club, or a dinner, or even a bar or lounge, this outfit is perfect to wear out if you're out about with your girls! This outfit is sexy, and glamorous, and has so much personality! Of course, you can wear this on a date out as well- it's all personal preference (:

Okay! That's it everyone! Have an awesome Valentine's Day with whoever you're spending it with! 

xo, Michelle