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Happy President's Day everyoneee! I hope most of you guys are enjoying your days off. Unfortunately for me, I had school today ): I know- it sucked. I don't know why we have to go to school on a national holiday, but whatevers. Thankfully my school day has ended. Just wanted to do a quick post of what I've been putting up on my Instagram. For those of you who don't follow me, my Instagram name is @michellehkimm, just in case you guys want to know what I do daily, or a more personal look into my life (: teehee.

My boyfriend got me these beautiful roses on Valentine's Day (: what a sweetiebear. I was so surprised!

A close up on these babies. They were beautiful, and the note was so sweet. I'm a lucky girl.

Soooo, I got to film as a featured extra on the NBC TV Show, Go On. I don't know if you guys know about the show, but Matthew Perry (Chandler from Friends) stars in it and it's basically about a therapy group and how they become a family (in a jist). For the part, I had to wear a crop top coz I had the chance to get a fake tramp stamp for the show. They served a bombdiggity buffet-style lunch, but I sacrificed that coz I didn't want no pudgy belly to show up on camera ): but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right?! 

For Valentine's Day, my boyfriend and I didn't want anything too crazy.. we weren't really craving anything so we just decided to save money and go to El Taurino. It's a taco place in Downtown LA/Koreatown and they have the most BOMBASS carne asada tacos. We dressed all fancy and ate cheap. It was honestly the best meal. Hahhaha good food for the buck.

Here's a quick pick of what I wore on the set on Friday. Our call time was 10AM, and we worked til almost 9PM. It was so worth it tho (even tho I didn't eat anything all day). We met awesome people, I got my hair and makeup done, I met with wardrobe to wear their clothes, and on top of that, I got a fake "inflamed" tramp stamp for the shoot. Make sure you watch Go On in April to see my tramp stamp featured on the show! :D hahaha 

My boyfriend and I take annual Valentine's Day pictures just because..and to make it a kind of tradition I guess? This was just my hair and make up of the day. I'm surprised my curls lasted so long! Probably because I finally used hairspray -__- 

Jay and I had a break at school today from 2 til 5, so we went to our school's computer lab, and we watched a couple episodes of Suits! We JUST started watching it, and omg it's so much fun! 

Today's outfit of the day. I will do a blogpost of it soon, but sadly I don't have many pictures coz I forgot to ask my boyfriend to bring his camera ): 

So that's a wrap errbody! Hope you guys enjoyed it. Anywho's hope you guys have an awesome and safe rest of the night, and week, and I'll see you guys again soon (:

Enjoy & God bless.

xo, Michelle