Layers are my BFF!

Sorry I only have one outfit picture today ): I totally forgot to remind my boyfriend to bring his camera.. so hopefully a cellphone pic will do! 

Layers are seriously my BFF. They save me from the cold weather, AND they're an awesome fashion statement. I love wearing layers because it gives me a chance to mix and match patterns, and just to explore new variations of knits, cardigans, or anything I have in my closet. It's kind of like mixing a new cocktail. You mix good stuff together, hoping that you come up with the yummiest drink. Same thing goes for layering. You can explore and experiment with different patterns and textures you like with other patterns and textures. As you guys know, Spring is justttt around the corner, and I guess today's outfit is kind of like a transition piece.. (or possibly I'm already prepping for the Spring) 

So go into your closet and explore all the amazing pieces you have! You don't know what amazing outfit you're gonna come up with just by exploring with different patterned pieces! Layering can help you amp up any outfit, and it can bring personality and style to your wardrobe! So maybe next time, instead of wearing a huge thick sweater (trust me- I have my days too), try mixing flannels or shirts, or even jackets together to make a great combination! Be creative & unique!

Polka-dot Chambray Top from Pacsun
Neon Cable Knit Sweater from Target
Wild Denim Jacket from Nasty Gal
Ankle-zip White Skinny Jeans from Zara
Leopard Print Loafers from Steve Madden
Lion Necklace from Ebay (Inspired by Rihanna)
Gold Watch by Marc Jacobs

Til next time, God bless & enjoyy! I love you guys<3 p="">

xo, Michelle