neutral with a POP.

Hellooo lovelies (: I know I haven't posted as much as I would want to this week (I'm sorry).. But I had a little extra time for a mini photoshoot, so here it issss. Today's outfit is really neutral- mostly beiges, tans, and whites. I wanted to tone down my outfit today, because I wanted to wear this BRIGHT NEON lime green cat-ear beanie. I recently got this beanie (and many other colors) from Ebay, and I just wanted to wear them. I didn't want them to clash with anything I wore, so that's why I kept it pretty dull with the outfit colors.

Beanies are the IT thing right now. It was ALL over the runway, and it will be trending/is in trend. I just thought this "cat ear" effect would add so much fun and style to any outfit. You can find these anywhere if you do your research. I would suggest buying it on Ebay because other stores tend to overprice it like crazy. I think I saw a black one with the same style for like $16. On Ebay, I bought mine for $4.99 AND it came with free shipping. 

Hope you guys enjoyyyy!

Neon Cat-ear Beanie from Ebay
Tan Leather Jacket from Zara Trafaluc
White Leopard Print Blouse from Zara
White Denim with Gold Zipper Accents from Zara
Flower/Stud Necklace from Forever 21
Leopard Print Belt from H&M
Neutral Grey Desert Booties from Target

Have a great rest of the week! See you soonsies!

xo, Michelle