Bart Simpson.

Bart, Bart, Bart, Bart, Bart!

This is how I pose..

Just a couple candid shots the boyfriend took (:

Who loves the Simpsons? I sure do! Haha today's outfit was pretty comical and fun. People at school would come up and ask me where I got my sweater from, and some people just stared. I guess that makes sense if you have Bart Simpsons face all over your sweater. This sweater was inspired by Jeremy Scotts collection.. he had a bunch of comic-like pieces and Bart Simpsons was one of them. Of course I didn't pay $500 for a sweater.. I got a knock-off on Ebay for less than a tenth of the price. Hahah got it for $30 on Ebay! (: yay for bargain finds. 

I was pretty nervous to wear this sweater out, but hey- if I like it.. nothing else matters. If people don't like it- whatever. Haters gon' hate. I think fashion is your personal statement.. for me, I like to dress depending on my mood, and just to express how I feel. Soooo if Bart Simpson's headshot is going to make me happy, then be it. Don't be afraid to wear whatever you want. People might judge, but don't change yourself just coz that "one person" is going to get out of their way to hate. Express yourselves freely.

Bart Simpson Sweater from Ebay
Maroon Hoodie from American Apparel 
Denim Jacket from Modtex (Thrift Store in Downtown Fullerton)
Camo Print Pants from Zara
Black Chucks by Converse
Gold Lion Chain Necklace from Ebay (Rihanna inspired)
Maroon Beanie from Urban Outfitters

Have a great rest of the week! Godbless! 

xo, Michelle