Floral on floral.

I want spring to hurry up and come already! I love the wintertime, but I'm getting so tired of the cold! Jay just recently got me sick, so I'm sniffling left and right. I wish the weather would start getting warmer. Sun, I miss youu!

Just to keep myself in a 'spring' mode, I decided to input some spring colors into my outfit today. Since it's still cold, I layered and layered to keep myself warm. 

So I pretty much layered floral on floral. I know for some of you, this may seem a bit weird, but whatevers! I think it goes together well because the shirt is so bold with the floral, and the pants are very subtle and the print is not too noticeable. I think when you layer patterns, it's important to balance it out- wearing one subtle print, and one loud print. Or wearing bold stripes with subtle tiny polka dot prints.

I really enjoy wearing the same color, but in different variations and hues. I feel it pulls the whole look together. Of course, you could pair this with any color you like- but I love how the two tops are both of the mint family and it kind of completes my look. 

I don't know if you guys know this, but I don't really like showing my bum when I wear pants or jeans or whatnot. That's why I have such a huge heart for anything hi-lo. The floral top is really, really long (especially for someone short like me), and the knit top is long as well (it's my sister's actually and she's alot taller than me). I just love the hi-lo concept, and I think it gives a fun look, or a peek-a-boo thing of the layers you're wearing underneath.

Since the outfit is pretty colorful, I decided to pair the entire outfit with a pair of neutral booties. I was going to wear black booties, but I thought that it might be too harsh of a contrast, especially with all the soft, pastel tones. It's good to pair a colorful look with something neutral because it's not too clashy, or it's not too BAM WAM colors. It completes the look, and keeps it from looking polished and soft.

Floral Print Hi-Lo Sleeveless Blouse from Nasty Gal
Mint Knit Hi Lo Sweater from Forever 21
Mint Moto Jacket from Zara
Floral Print Jeans from Zara
Neutral Grey Booties from Target


xo, Michelle