All dolled up.

Hi lovesss!
So there's a new video up on my channel here.
I have finally reached 1000 subscribers last week, so as a celebratory landmark, my boyfriend Jay has agreed to get dolled up on my channel. 

Thank you to all of you guys for supporting me, and I feel so blessed to have people around the world watching the videos that I make.. and I hope that as the days go by, I can continue to help inspire you guys and to give you guys ideas. Thank you for all the wonderful comments and the love you guys have shown me! I am forever grateful and I wish that I can say thank you to each and every one of you personally. I'm so happy that I decided to start this Youtube channel.. at first I was really scared and nervous about showing myself and all that jazz, but I'm so glad I did, because if I didn't, I wouldn't have amazing, supportive subscribers like you guys always having my back and always supporting me 100 percent. Thank you again! I love you guys!

Also, I started an "official" Facebook page, so that you guys can come on there and give me suggestions on my videos, and to request any videos you would like to see so please go 'like' my Facebook page! I'd really appreciate it! You can go to my Facebook page here.

xo, Michelle