Hey loves!
This past Sunday, I wore a pencil skirt for the first time! I always thought I could never pull one off, just because I'm sooo short. However, I wanted to own one and seriously challenge myself to see if I could wear it, because they're super versatile and I really like how they look on people. Sooo I decided to whack at it, and to be honest, I'm pretty impressed with myself. I love the fact that you can wear it dressed up, dressed down, grungy, etc. I decided to go for a more casual look just because.. I was originally going to wear it with some opaque tights and my creepers, but it was so hot that day that I just wore them with bare legs, and some booties (: 

The one thing I love about fashion is that you can do WHATEVER you want. & with any kind of piece, you may think that it might not work with you because of many different reasons, whether it be height, skin tone, body type, etc.. you can ALWAYS find a way to pull anything off. You just gotta research, and kind of experiment with different fabrics, textures, colors, and shapes that will work with your body. That's the amazing thing. I finally got to "pull off" my pencil skirt yesterday and I was so proud of myself! So ladies, don't think that you can't wear certain things.. there's always ways to make it work! Just make an effort and play around, and soon, you'll get there. I guarantee it!

Black Beanie- Urban Outfitters
Striped Top- Sister's (I don't know where she got it!)
Black Leather Vest- Bebe
Double Layer Pencil Skirt- Topshop
'Everly' Cutout Booties- Jeffrey Campbell
Lion Chain Necklace- Ebay
On my lips, I'm wearing Media by MAC

xo, Michelle